Fable 2 (X360) (UK Import)

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Gebrauchtware - Box mit leichten, CD mit minimalen Gebrauchsspuren  Funktion geprüft. In Originalbox, mit Anleitung.  UK Import.


Who Will You Become?

Beginning as a penniless street-urchin, your destiny is to become Albions greatest hero. But will your power lie in kindness or cruelty? Choose your own path to glory and experience how those choices change you and the world forever. A new life, a unique adventure - every time!

  • It's all up to you: Man or woman, good or evil, career and family or just you and your faithful canine companion - live life your way
  • Share the experience: Dynamic co-op play allows friends and family to join your game at any time, and share your world
  • Roads are for chumps! Explore the landscape and openly roam the countryside in a world 10 times the size of the original Fable.

System: Xbox 360

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